Mental fitness is the New Competitive Advantage for Elite Athletes

Mental health awareness in elite youth sports is increasing, however, there is still a huge stigma towards mental health within elite youth sports 

iSPORT enables elite athletes to develop the mental fitness to execute skills at high-quality levels and sustain performance for a long period of time.  This means the athlete is physically fit and healthy, mentally healthy, socially competent and emotionally regulated to develop and succeed.   

Why Mental Fitness

We define mental fitness as a state of mind in which the athlete maximizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the stresses of life events and sport, and flourish and contribute to her or his community. Mental fitness can be adversely impacted by pressure of expectations, burnout, underperformance, injury, and environmental situations.  

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iSport improves an athletes performance by looking at 6 mental fitness area which impacts an athletes performance:  Mental Preparation, Mental Agility, Pressure Management, Focus, Coach-ability and Mental Health.  iSport collects data from player and coach input and player participation. 


Healthy Relationships

Participants develop a (Mental Fitness Identity or MFI) Rating

The MFI is a composite score based on player participation in the and player inputs.  Algorithms based on the iSport mental fitness performance dimensions create a score which is can increase or decrease based on player participation and inputs.


Healthy Nutrition

Coaches are engaged to participate, receive mental fitness coaching tips and alerts to improve their ability to coach.


Drugs & Alcohol

Parents can receive updates and alerts on their athletes mental fitness. Parents also can interact with coaches and even recruiters about their athlete’s performance and the recruitment process.


Emotional Intelligence

Recruiters can access key mental fitness scoring for a specific athlete to aid in making recruiting decisions.   



With new NIL legislation it is even more important for athletes to separate themselves not only based on their physical ability but also on their mental fitness! 

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